Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Undergraduate major:
Mechanical Engineering
Robotics Engineering
Graduate program:

The Secondary Discipline of “Intelligent Manufacture and Robotics” Under “Mechanics ” had been approved in 2018.
The application for Doctor’s and Master’s Degree of Mechanical Engineering program is in progress
The department has been making efforts to gather talents at home and abroad to form its researching and teaching teams currently including 27 professors for teaching and researching, 3 professors for teaching, 2 professors for researching, 2 long term distinguished visiting professors, 4 laboratory technicians,
1 Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering,
1 Academician of the Canadian Academy of Engineering,
9 expert from Guangdong Province,
1Academician of Guangdong Special Support Program for High-level Talents,
2 scholar of Shenzhen Talent Program.

In January 2016, the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering of SUSTech (Hereafter referred as “The Department”) was founded with the aims at establishing a world-class research and higher education center. The department adopts general education program which provides students with abundant fundamental knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering. Meanwhile, the program emphasizes on the cultivation of creativity. Students are educated with comprehensive theoretical knowledge, self-motivation, exceptional professions, interdisciplinary backgrounds, excellent humanistic literacy, global outlooks, research capabilities in engineering sciences and in solving significant problems in the field. The current research fields include: intelligent manufacturing, forming and additive manufacturing, precision engineering, energy engineering, robotics and automation.

In three years, the department has  Shenzhen Key Laboratory for Additive Manufacturing of High-performance Materials  and Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory fou Automotive Fuel Cell Stacks, research institute of robotics, research institute of intelligent manufacturing, innovation team of Guangdong Province and Peacock Teams of Shenzhen for formation, additive manufacturing, precise manufacturing technology and energy engineering. In addition, guided by development plan of the university, more than twenty laboratories have been in operation with advanced equipment worth of 35,000,000 yuan.
By March, 2020 About 100 research projects have been in progress with fund of 210,000,000 yuan, supported by national natural science foundation of China, innovation team of Guangdong Province, key national plans for development and research, key laboratories of Shenzhen, Peacock Team of Shenzhen and other local authorities, enterprises and organizations. The department is also devoted to promoting its academic efforts and achievements: 273 articles have been published in international academic journals. In addition, 101 patents for invention are applied including 20 issued patents,2 PCT patents and 40 utility model patents.
The department has two majors for undergraduates: mechanical engineering and robotics engineering. At present, there are 215 students on campus, 32 graduates, and the employment rate is 100%. Our teaching model emphasizes inter-discipline studies in liberate art and science as well as mathematics and science, enabling students to think and work in the mind of mechanical engineer, to pursue post-graduate studies, to participate in innovative products development, fundamental research, research and development in new materials and technologies and engineering management for research institutes and relevant work in public and governmental organizations.
Four batch of postgraduates, 172 in total, have been in the majors including intelligent manufacturing, forming and 3D printing, precision machining technology, robotics and automation and energy engineering. So far 36 master students have graduated with interdisciplinary backgrounds, global outlooks, leaderships and creativity, 12 of whom are admitted to doctor programs in Purdue University, Harbin Institute of Technology, The University of Hong Kong, The University of Queensland and so on. Others have got employment opportunities in Hua Wei, ZTE, Mindray, FAW, SAIC Motor and so on.
The department encourages international cooperation with other universities and enterprises at hone and abroad to offer students global outlook and opportunities for internships and for their advanced studies. The partners include the top universities in Hong Kong, Canada, America, England, Japan, Singapore and so on and giant corporations such as Dajiang, Huawei.
The department, with top disciplinary structure, new teaching and practicum models, has been in progress toward multiple and inter-disciplinary researches with all resources for development of The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay Area,establishing itself as a desirable ground for innovative and leading talents to advance social progress.