Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor Degree)

Mechanical and Energy Engineering is an engineering discipline to study about industry product innovation design, advanced manufacturing, industrial automation, intelligent machine, energy development and utilization and management science. Mechanical Engineering is a key discipline to realize product function and innovation and to ensure product quality, product cost and manufacturing efficiency. It plays a significant role in national economy. Mechanical Engineering centers on mechanics, involving with theories in electrodynamics, thermodynamics, hydromechanics, material science, sensor and information technology as well as intelligence and control technology. Mechanical Engineering has a wide application in aerospace, automobile, shipping, train, energy and power, engineering machinery, as well as the fields closely related to people’s life such as electron, software, business and other industries. Therefore, Mechanical Engineering could fully meet social demand and requirements for personal interest and development.

The Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering in SUSTech is in planning to include three major directions which involve with Robotics and Automation, Innovative Design and Advanced Manufacturing, and Energy Engineering. At present, we are building the profession and developing research and education programs rapidly. With the support from the government and USUTech, we are confident that the department will surely grow into a top research and teaching center in our university.

The Mechanical Engineering have been declared in 2016 and authorized in 2017. We predict that it will be awarded a degree in 2018. 

1.  Course Structure

2.  The Program of Mechanical Engineering


3.   Awareness practice of Mechanical Engineering

Awareness practice is an important part of training in Mechanical Engineering. It is an important link for students to practice training, to strengthen professional abilities, to implement the teaching plan and to achieve the goal of training. Through the Awareness practice, students will broaden their horizons, get started with Mechanical Engineering, cultivate engineering practice and problem-solving ability, and improve the level of teamwork.
Time: temporarily scheduled on 4th July to 19th August (7 weeks).
Locations: Beijing and Wuxi.
The Number of People scheduled: about 19.
Main arrangements: Include Tsinghua University - the University of Notre Dame engineering Practice Project, Tsinghua University - Huachen Manufacturing Engineering Team, Tsinghua University Robotics Research Team, Tsinghua University Metal Materials Processing and Scientific Research Team, etc.
4.     Join us

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