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SUSTech open 2020 Global Scientist Interdisciplinary Forum

Scientist Interdisciplinary Forum (The Forum). SUSTech President Chen Shiyi and Vice President Zhang Dongxiao attended the Forum with more than three hundred young scholars from around the world. Acting Vice President (Research) Zhao Yusheng chaired the forum, in his role as the Dean of the Academy of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies (AAIS).

President Chen Shiyi welcomed the experts and scholars, talking about SUSTech’s most recent achievements. As he provided a briefing on SUSTech, President Chen Shiyi spoke about the role of teaching and cultivating talents in the broader mission of universities.

He suggested that outstanding young scholars could focus their scientific research on having a social impact through cutting-edge technology. President Chen Shiyi spoke highly of the unprecedented opportunities arising from the industrial transformation of the Greater Bay Area and the pioneering demonstration zone of Shenzhen to develop SUSTech into an international high-level research university.

Office of Research Vice Director Zheng Yan spoke about the development of scientific research at SUSTech.

Human Resources Director Chen Zhifeng expanded on the innovative talent development models that have been implemented at SUSTech, along with the high-quality talent pipelines that are already in place.

Department of Chemistry Professor Tan Bin, National Special Expert (youth), and a recipient of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Distinguished Young Scholars, delivered an excellent speech. As a young scholar at SUSTech, he reflected on his experience at SUSTech and said that his time at SUSTech had seen him develop rapidly. Professor Tan Bin encouraged young scholars in attendance to join SUSTech and achieve their dreams.

Dean of the Institute of Risk Analysis, Prediction, and Management Didier Sornette shared his research experience and his story of coming to China and as well as why he chose SUSTech. He said that the opportunities that have come about from China’s development are phenomenal, and SUSTech is an excellent place for innovative research. Professor Didier Sornette introduced the Institute of Risk Analysis, Prediction, and Management (Risks-X), before encouraging young scientists to integrate their research with commercial applications.

The numerous experts and scholars in attendance discussed many different academic disciplines and fields across campus. They also visited different laboratories across campus to get an in-depth understanding of the development of various disciplines. Each departmental sub-forum will continue until January 5.