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​Shuai Guo


Research Direction:
Mobile Robot, Rehabilitation Robot, Robot System and Algorithms
​Shuai Guo

Shuai Guo, D. Sc .Tech., Prof.. He worked as a visiting scholar at Rehabilitatoin Center of Northwest University in Chicago in 2011 and at Ryerson university in Canada in 2013. His research interest is mostly in rehabilitation robotics. He hosts one General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, participated and completed three National High-tech R&D Programs of China (863 Program) in robotic area, and hosted and completed 10 major research projects supported by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and more than 20 research and development projects for industry. He has published more than 60 papers, participated in writing one English book, and has been authorized 6 invention patents.  He is in the editor board of International Journal of Advanced Robotics Systems, and he works as a committee member in Shanghai Robotics Association and the deputy director of the Shanghai Research Institute of Robotics.
Work Experiences:
 2018.03~  Southern University of Science and Technology                 research professor
 2006.09~2018.03      Shanghai University                      Professor
 2011.07~2012.07       Northwestern University(US)       Visiting scholar
 1996.09~2000.09       First Design and Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery Engineer

 2000.08~2006.07       Shanghai University                     PHD
 1993.09~1996.07       Hefei Polytechnic University        Bachelor

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