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MEE holds emerging engineering project exhibition

On December 28, the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering (MEE) at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held its third emerging engineering project exhibition. Teaching Affairs Director Huang Kefu, College of Engineering Vice Dean Zhang Bi, and MEE Head Professor Rong Yiming all attended the presentation along with Shenzhen University Professor Wang Huaquan and representatives of many companies, faculty members and students. 

MEE Head Rong Yiming welcomed everyone, saying that he hoped to create a platform for students to learn, communicate, and improve.

MEE has held previous displays of this nature, encouraging its students to exhibit their projects to explain what they do to a broader audience. They held similar events in the fall semester of 2018 and the spring semester of 2019. This exhibition covered 12 classes across all year levels within MEE.

The projects on display varied from the practical to the amusing, with varying levels of technological expertise incorporated into the exhibits. They all showed the progress of the students’ research while also displaying their creative & practical abilities.

The MEE exhibition is an extension of the emerging engineering education espoused by the College of Engineering. It is also an excellent platform for students to demonstrate their skills in a variety of areas to their fellow students, faculty members, and the wider Shenzhen community.