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MEE holds Professional Development and Intelligent Manufacturing Seminar

Last week, the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering (MEE) at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held its 3rd Professional Development Strategy Seminar and 2ndIntelligent Manufacturing Seminar (Seminars). Many experts and scholars in mechanical engineering came to SUSTech to discuss many aspects of mechanical engineering. SUSTech Acting Vice President Zhang Dongxiao attended the Seminars with many faculty members and students, which was presided over by MEE Head Rong Yiming.

SUSTech Acting Vice President Zhang Dongxiao welcomed the experts and scholars to SUSTech, saying that the historic unprecedented opportunities arising from the dual development drivers of Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area will see SUSTech actively seize the numerous prospects for its talent pipelines. SUSTech seeks to learn from top engineering disciplines of world-class universities around the world to develop innovative teaching practices in order to meet the major needs of the Greater Bay Area.

Intelligent Equipment Division of Science, Technology and Innovation Commission of Shenzhen Municipality Director Wen Li said that in the process of building a pioneering demonstration zone, Shenzhen is an innovation-driven city supported by science and technology, driven by the development of basic research and applied basic research. She said that the promotion of intelligent manufacturing is critically important to the development of Shenzhen’s scientific and technological innovation, and hoped that the Seminars would promote new innovations in the field.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Li Peigen pointed out that new engineering is a fusion of new teaching methodologies and improved professionalism. It seeks to integrate more engineering technology research and classroom, teaching materials and practice links.

Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician Deng Zongquan spoke about the research being conducted in space agencies. The research has great strategic significance in space weapons and deep space exploration, requiring the support of new theories, methods and technologies for the development of China’s space agencies.

Several scholars also gave important speeches on a wide range of topics on intelligent manufacturing, smart factories and precision machining technology.

Many reports were also provided on other related subjects, including one from MEE Head Rong Yiming, who spoke about the development of his Department from many different aspects. He was praised for the efforts the Department had made thus far and several helpful suggestions were put forth to encourage further collaboration between young scholars.