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Study abroad, learn from different cultures

Professor Jiaming Bai went to UK to chase his academic dream when he was a postgraduate, meanwhile he went to Japan for study and work. When talking about the difference of study and work between east and west, he said:” Work-life Balance is the typical characteristic of UK, you should focus all your attention in your working hours and enjoy your life when you are out of work. This is also the typical gentlemen style of England.” Professor Bai spoke his interesting experience with a smile, his whole group was issued a warning by the school because a student worked in the lab without a permission in the weekend. When it comes to the eastern country, such as Japan, Bai think that they emphasize continuity and inheritance of scientific research. In Japan, the relationship between school and business are very close and most of the teachers have the experience in the industry. Professor Bai not only gained academic knowledge but also experienced different culture in his oversea study, and the cognition of culture difference enriched his experience.

Joining SUSTech and feeling the thriving power of research university

SUSTech university is the first stop after returning to China for Professor Bai’s return to China.  When we asked about the difference between SUSTech university and other universities, Bai’s calm words were more exciting and joyful. “SUSTech has provided a good platform for students in research, study and after-school life. What impressed me a lot is that students can join a tutor's research group and get to know the first-line research information when they are freshmen and sophomores”. Dr. Bai also hopes that everyone will consciously broaden their knowledge field in the four years of university time. “Because there are more and more Interdisciplinary in the modern research work. Taking 3D printing as an example, it involves many fields including machinery, materials, mechanics, biology, etc. The general education of SUSTech University in the first two years helps students to examine problems from multiple angles when they encounter in study and research. “Dr. Bai also suggested that students should grasp the summer industrial internship and the opportunities for university exchanges programmes, which could help them to have a clearer understanding of whether to find a job or continue to study at the time of graduation. " We also feel the care and expectation from Dr. Bai to students in the speech.

3D printing, less is more.

As a researcher of 3D printing technology, Professor Bai introduced us the main advantages of it. He said: “The first advantage is less time. because 3D printing gets the final product by using the software design and then print it directly, eliminates the procedure of traditional modeling. The second advantage is additive design. 3D printing can achieve better performance with less materials and less weight. Unique design also makes the part more diverse and vivid. Customization is also the superiority of 3D printing. It is widely used in the medical fields, because everyone is different and 3D printing can provide a personalized solution based on the specific patient conditions, such as implant shape and biocompatibility.”
In the development of new materials for 3D printing, Prof. Bai said: “the goal is expand the types of the printing materials and improving the part performance, and then extend the application fields of 3D printing technology.

Made in Space — weightless 3D printing

Professor Bai energetically describes, ‘Weightless 3D printing looks very promising in space science, including exploring outer space, manufacturing and repair in space station or building space base and so on. It is well known space travelling is very expensive and time-consuming. If the 3D printing can used for in-orbit manufacturing and repair, the cost will be greatly reduced. In addition, for the possible emigration of outer stars or the base stations on the moon, we can also use 3D printing in building constructions, base stations, and even the equipment based on the resources from outer stars. At present, there are students working on weightless 3D printing in MEE and will go to the United States for a competition this summer. It can be seen that professor Bai are full of hope to the development of MEE, which really provides students with many excellent opportunities for learn and practice at SUSTech and abroad.

Exercise, work and relaxation

When asked about the favorite sports, Dr. Bai shared with us his sports life in the UK joyfully: "British people like to play football. I used to play football with my classmates in the UK, although I didn't play as well as the British did, and we also play tennis." When talking about the entertainment life in SUSTech, he thought that students could cultivate interest and hobbies by participating in some interest groups and sports associations. Dr. Bai also praised for the Humanities and Social Sciences and Art Center of the SUSTech. Sometimes, he went to the faculty's home to participate in activities such as concerts and art lectures. He suggested that you can go to similar activities to relax. Concentrating on scientific research and academic activities, this is the charm of life!