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Hanyang Li

Research Direction:
Hanyang Li
Postdoctoral fellow
Research direction:involves intelligent grinding work shop system, surface glossiness formation mechanism and high-gloss surface multi-sequence polishing process
Hanyang Li, PhD student of Harbin University of Science and Technology in Mechanical Engineering, finished his PhD degree in Tsinghua University as a joint PhD student. He participated in the completion of National 863 plans projects and other scientific research projects. Through the research on the formation mechanism of the surface gloss of stainless steel, the relationship between surface glossiness and surface micro-morphology was established, the evolution mechanism of surface topography during the polishing process of multi-sequence belt was explained, and the surface gloss in multi-sequence polishing was realized. The prediction of the process conditions for the desired gloss generation are realized, which provides a theoretical basis for the realization of the ideal surface gloss in multi-sequence polishing.
Work history :

◆ 2018.10-now  Southern University of Science and Technology, Post-Doctoral fellow.
Education background :

◆ 2012.9-2018.7  Tsinghua University(Joint training), Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D.
◆ 2008.9-2012.7 Harbin University of Science and Technology, Mechanical Engineering, BSc.