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Zhao Chen

Research Direction:
Zhao Chen
Research Directions: Environmental Adaptability and Reliability, Environmental Simulation, Numerical and Experimental Study of Heat and Mass Transfer, Energy Management, Quality Engineering and Standardization
Zhao Chen, Ph.D., Senior Engineer  Beihang University, School of Aeronautical Science and Engineering, As Model leader and sub project leader,had participated in a lot of aircraft major project, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, major civil aircraft research projects, pre-emptive basic research projects and key new energy projects. Especially in the radiator design, environmental simulation, environmental adaptability and reliability, published 6 papers.
work experience:
◆ 2018.06~至今 SUSTC Department of mechanical and energy engineering,Pos-Doc
◆ 2016.09~2018.05 AVIC china aero-polytechnology establishvent  Senior Engineer
◆ 2013.01~2016.08 AVIC china aero-polytechnology establishvent  Intermediate Engineer
Educational background:

◆ 2009.07~2013.01 Beihang University  PHD
◆ 2007.07~2009.09 Taiyuan University of Technology  Master

◆ 2018,AVIC awarded one "third class”
◆ 2016,  Group award
◆ Patent for invention  3items