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15th International Semi-solid Processing Conference for Alloys and Composites Hosted by SUSTech

Shenzhen’s Shangri-La Hotel was the venue for the 15th International Conference on Semi-Solid Processing of Alloy and Composites (S2P2018) from October 22 to 24. This year’s conference was commissioned by the International Semi-Solid Academic Committee and sponsored by Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech).

More than 260 experts and scholars from universities, research institutes and enterprises from 24 countries in five continents attended the meeting. Shenzhen Deputy Mayor Wang Lixin and SUSTech Vice President Teng Jinguang attended, along with representatives of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Commission and the Shenzhen Die Casting Association. Professor Zhu Qiang from SUSTech’s Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering presided over the opening ceremony.

Deputy Mayor Wang Lixin welcomed the guests on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. He thanked the experts and scholars seeking to support Shenzhen’s development. He pointed out that Shenzhen has always adhered to the cutting-edge of science and technology, focusing on the role of advanced manufacturing industry development and technological innovation. He hoped that the experts and scholars attending the meeting would strengthen cooperation with Shenzhen to jointly promote the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of semi-solid forming technology.

SUSTech Vice President Teng Jinguang introduced SUSTech to the meeting, going into detail about talent training, the team of educators, putting together academic disciplines, and international exchange opportunities. He looked forward to taking this conference as an opportunity to strengthen academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation in related fields of advanced manufacturing technology.

The conference focused on the research of semi-solid forming science and technology of alloys and composite materials. It sought to promote interdisciplinary research both at home and abroad while providing opportunities for cooperation among researchers.

Professor Merton C. Flemings of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology gave an illuminating report as the founder of semi-solid forming technology and a fellow of the American Academy of Engineering. He was joined by Professor Liu Baicheng of Tsinghua University and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor Gou Hongmin of Nanchang University. Dr. Johannes Winkhofe of Salzburg Aluminum Group, Professor Annalisa Pola of Italy’s University of Brescia, Professor Véronique Favier of France’s École Polytechnique, Professor Michael Modigell of Germany’s Aachen University of Technology and Dr. Anil K. Sachdev of General Motors also made special reports at the conference.

The experts shared their latest achievements and academic ideas. The reports covered many directions in semi-solid forming technology, including sustainable development and industrial application of semi-solid forming technology.

The conference focused on the development and characterization of materials, semi-solid pulping process, rheological properties and modeling and simulation, semi-solid industrial applications, green design, and manufacturing technology of molds, divided into 1 main venue and 4 sub-sessions. A total of 74 participants made academic reports.

The International Academic Committee for Semi-Solid Forming awarded Zhu Qiang the Outstanding Contribution Award for his outstanding contribution to the development and application of semi-solid processing technology.

The International Conference on Semi-Solid Forming is held every two years, and fifteen sessions have taken place so far. This conference is the highest-level academic conference in the field of semisolid forming. This year's first location in Shenzhen has attracted extensive attention from domestic and foreign academic circles and industry.

The successful conference strengthened the cooperation between SUSTech and international scholars. It demonstrated the momentum of good development and school operation of SUSTech. The conference further expanded SUSTech’s academic influence both at home and abroad and established an international exchange platform for our teachers and students.


Translated and Adapted: Chris Edwards

Proofread: Xia Yingying

Text: Zhu Qiang Research Group