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MEE Department Held The Demonstration Meeting of “Intelligent Manufacture and Robotics”

Background: In 2018, 4 disciplines of SUSTech were permitted to award doctoral degrees, which were mechanics, physics, biology and mathematics; 6 disciplines were permitted to award the degree of master of science, which were mechanics, physics, biology, mathematics, electronics and chemistry; material engineering was permitted to award the degree of master of engineering. Our department will admit Ph.D students through Mechanics major, master of science students through Mechanics and Electronic science and technology major and master of engineering students through Material Engineering. In order to have students possess the characteristics of mechanical engineering, our department applied for the establishment of secondary discipline major, which is “Intelligent Manufacture and Robotics”, within the mechanics major.
On September 26, 2018, our department invited 7 specialist from Beijing University, HUST, HIT, Chongqing University, Wuhan University, Sun-Yat-Sen university and South China University of Technology which possess the qualification of awarding doctoral degree of mechanics, to the demonstration meeting of “Intelligent Manufacture and Robotics”.
7 specialists closely examined the demonstration plan and spoke highly of the faculty, education, research, commercialization and future of “Intelligent Manufacture and Robotics”. Meanwhile, the specialists proposed presidential and constructive advice for the structure of courses. MEE department improved the structure of courses based upon the advice and refined the details of the demonstration plan. The plan has been public in the website of “China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Information”.
The “Intelligent Manufacture and Robotics” major covers precision machining, additive manufacture, advanced forming, industrial big data, digital twin, internet of things in manufacture, intelligent biomedical engineering and industrial robots, soft robots, biomimetic robots, special robots, micro robots etc. The purpose of this major is to cultivate top tier talents in relevant areas and serve for the development of the cutting-edge technology and industry. This major will endeavor to project long-term, positive effects on the development of national economics strategy and the aspects of information and intelligence in the development of manufacture industry. 

Translated by :Ni Xiao
Proofread by: Ni Xiao、Xiaochuan Xiao