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An undergraduate, Cai Shutao, of our department has attended a international conference, named Thermec2018, in France.

Cai Shutao, an undergraduate of Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, has attended Thermec2018 in Paris, France, from 8th to 13th, July, 2018. Thermec2018 is an international Conference on PROCESSING & MANUFACTURING OF ADVANCED MATERIALS Processing, Fabrication, Properties, Applications.
Cai Shutao attended the conference with his research, named Printing Behavior of Sn alloy in additive manufacturing by Direct Energy Deposition. His research mainly focused on the possibility of heating and depositing Tin-Copper wire to manufacture components using electromagnetic induction heating. The specific work covers: designing and building a 3D-printing system. Based on the 3D-printing platform, he has done researching work to discover how the induction heating power, wire feeding speed and moving speed of XYZ axises affect the level of melting of Tin -copper alloy and the quality of deposition while printing. He evaluated the quality of deposition by observing or evaluating the macrostructure, microstructure and surface hardness. Based on these, he discussed the possibility of this printing method and discovered the window for processing parameters of his 3D printer.
During the conference, Shutao attended 62 lectures including more than 50 lectures on additive manufacturing, which he is interested in. Thanks to this experience, not only did he expand his horizon but also he strengthened his passion on scientific research.
Below is the official introduction for Thermec2018:
THERMEC’2018 is the tenth international conference on advanced materials series built upon the proven concept and continues the tradition of its nine predecessors, Japan (1988), Australia (1997), USA (2000), Spain (2003), Vancouver, Canada ( 2006), Berlin, Germany (2009), Quebec City, Canada (2011), Las Vegas, USA ( 2013) and the last THERMEC’2016 in Graz, Austria.
This conference series provides a forum for