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​Yexu Huang

Senior Experimentalist

Research Direction:
Sensor and ExperimentTechnique.
​Yexu Huang

◆  2005.09-2012.11  Ph.D. Northwestern PolytechnicalUniversity,Xian, China.
◆  2002.09~2005.04  M.S.Northwestern PolytechnicalUniversity,Xian, China.
◆ 1988.09~1992.07  B.S.Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing , China. 

Work Experience:
◆ 2017.03~present Senior Experimentalist of the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, South University of Science and Technology .
◆ 2009.04~2017.02Professor of Engineering of ShenzhenPanwoocompany, AVICShaanxiHuayan Aviation Instrument Company.
◆ 1992.07~2009.04Assistant engineer, Engineer,SeniorEngineer,Professor of Engineering of AVICShaanxiHuayan Aviation Instrument Company.

Selected Publications:
[1]HUANG Ye-xu, SHI Zhong-ke, CAO She-ping.Research on Floater Static Balancing Method For Rate Integrating Gyro Using in Missile [J].CHINESE JOURNAL OF SENSORS AND ACTUATORS, 2007, 20(12):2571-2574
[2]HUANG Ye-xu,SHI Zhong-ke,LI-Lei, et al.Optimization Design on Improving the Transient Characteristic of Torque Feedback Rate Gyro[J].CHINESE JOURNAL OF SENSORS AND ACTUATORS, 2005, 18(4):856-859
[3]HUANG Ye-xu,SHIZhong-Ke, ZHAO Qing, et al.Methods for Decrease the Drift Error of Rate Integrating Gyro[J]. CHINESE JOURNAL OF SENSORS AND ACTUATORS, 2005, 18(3):607-610
[4]HUANG Ye-xu,SHIZhong-Ke, CAO She-ping, et al.Research on Notch Filter Compensation Damping Ratio of Liquid Floated Gyroscope[J]. CHINESE JOURNAL OF SENSORS AND ACTUATORS,2005, 18(2):410-413
[5] HUANG Ye-xu,SHIZhong-Ke,CAO She-ping, MA Yi-li. Research on Improving the Reliability of Mini-gyro Motor[J].SMALL & SPECIAL ELECTRICAL MACHINES, 2005, 33(5):5-7
[6]HUANG Ye-xu,SHIZhong-Ke, Qinyong-yuan,et al.Analysis on Influence of Distributed Capacitance on Transmission Line to Microsyn Output[J]. CHINESE JOURNAL OF SENSORS AND ACTUATORS, 2004, 17(4):560-564