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Jiaming Bai

Assistant Professor

Research Direction:
Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
Jiaming Bai
Dr. Bai completed his PhD at national centre for innovative manufacturing in additive manufacturing at Loughborough University in UK, specialising in developing new materials, manufacturing processes and techniques for additive manufacturing (3D Printing). He is now an Assistant Professor in the department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), working with some of the top additive manufacturing machine manufacturers, material producers and end users in the industry.
Research directions:

◆  Functional polymer nanocomposites for Additive Manufacturing
◆  Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics
◆  Functional graded structures design and optimisation
◆  Aerospace, automotive, moulding, biomedical and other fields of Additive Manufacturing applications.
Work and Education experience:

◆ 2017 - Present  Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology 
◆ 2014  Ph.D,        Loughborough University, UK
◆ 2009  M.Sc,        Loughborough University, UK
◆ 2008  B.Sc          Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Selected publications:

[1] J. Bai*, J. Song, J. Wei, Tribological and mechanical properties of MoS2 enhanced polyamide 12 for selective laser sintering, Journal of Materials Processing Tech,264,382-388,2019
[2] J. Sun, J. Binner, J. Bai *, Effect of surface treatment on the dispersion of nano zirconia particles in non-aqueous suspensions for stereolithography, Journal of the European Ceramic Society,39,1660-1667,2018
[3] J. Guo, J. Bai *, K. Liu, J. Wei, Surface quality improvement of selective laser sintered polyamide 12 by precision grinding and magnetic field-assisted finishing, Materials and Design,138,39-45,2018
[4] K. P. Ananth, J. Sun, J. Bai *, Superior corrosion protection and in vitro biocompatibility of Na-HAp/CS composite coating on PoPD-coated 316L SS, Materials Today Chemistry,10,153-166,2018
[5] K. P. Ananth, J. Sun, J. Bai *,A review of recent advances biomedical implants and their application, Advanced Materials Proceedings,3,486-493,2018
[6] K. P. Ananth, J. Sun, J. Bai *, An Innovative Approach to Manganese-Substituted Hydroxyapatite Coating on Zinc Oxide–Coated 316L SS for Implant Application, International Journal of Molecular Sciences,19,0,2018
[7] S. Yuan, F. Shen, J. Bai, et al, 3D soft auxetic lattice structures fabricated by selective laser sintering: TPU powder evaluation and process optimization, Materials & Design, 120, 317-327, 2017
[8] J. Bai*, et al, The effect of processing conditions on the mechanical properties of polyethylene produced by selective laser sintering, Polymer Testing, 52, 89-93, 2016
[9] S. Yuan, J. Bai, C.K. Chua, et al, Highly enhanced thermal conductivity of thermoplastic nanocomposites with a low mass fraction of MWCNTs by a facilitated latex approach, Composite Part A, 90, 699-710, 2016
[10] S. Yuan, J. Bai, C.K. Chua, et al, Material evaluation and optimization of CNTs-coated polymer powders for selective laser sintering, Polymers, 8(10), 370, 2016
[11] J. Bai *, et al, Thermal Influence of CNT on the Polyamide 12 Nanocomposite for Selective Laser Sintering, Molecules, 20, 10: 19041-19050, 2015
[12] J. Bai, et al, Processing and characterization of a polylactic acid/nanoclay composite for laser sintering, Polymer Composites, DOI: 10.1002/pc.23848, 2015
[13] J. Bai, et al, Nanostructural Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes in Laser-sintered Polyamide 12 by 3D-TEM, Materials Research, 29, 1817-1823, 2014
[14] J. Bai, et al, Influence of carbon nanotubes on the rheology and dynamic mechanical properties of polyamide-12 for laser sintering, Polymer Testing, 36, 95-100, 2014
[15] J. Bai, et al, Improving the mechanical properties of laser-sintered polyamide 12 through incorporation of carbon nanotubes, Polymer Engineering & Science, 53(9), 1937-1946, 2013


 The AM research group actively recruit postdoctoral fellows, research assistants, and joint doctoral and postgraduate students. Students and scholars who are passionate about additive manufacturing/3D printing are welcome to join