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Manufacture Extracurricular Activity - 18th Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition

During March 30th and 31st, 2017, lead by professor Huaquan Wang, the students of manufacture engineering and cognitive practice have visited 18th Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM 2017).
SIMM 2017 is a manufacture carnival in the southern part of China. In 2017, cemented alloy parts district and metal fastening district etc were newly added into the exhibition. In the modules of metal machining, molding materials, industrial measuring, automation application, robotics, cutting tool and machine tools, various kinds of new products and techniques were showed.
When arrived at Shenzhen Exhibition Center, professor Wang volunteered as the tour guide and showed students around based on the optimized route. In China, there was a saying that "the experts see the essence while the amateurs see the appearance". Professor Wang introduced to the students that even though some small exhibition booths were less noticeable than others, their products were at world-class level in their professional area. The scale of these companies were not as large as others but each one has its core technology. During the visiting, professor Wang explained the "essence" to the students while visiting these booths. From Hall 1 to Hall 9, the exhibition included various themes, such as robotics and automation, advance machine tools, cutting edge examination techniques, cutting tool parts etc. The visit was a vivid lecture as it has both the practical experience and the explanation of professor Wang. Students said they have learnt a lot from it.
The various types of machines in the exhibition hall deeply impressed students. Some of them said that it was great to see the actual machines whose mechanism were learnt in the class and the combination of seeing the actual parts and learning the theories was a significantly beneficial.
After returning to school, students showed their gratitude to MEE department for providing such great visiting opportunity and thanked professor Wang for its excellent interpretation in the exhibition. Through this activity, students had a close look at the mechanical equipments and broaden their vision in manufacture engineering and knew more about the cutting edge technology and products in the area of mechanical engineering. They were looking forward to the next extracurricular activity. 

Translator: Xiaochuan Xiao