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​Precision Machining Techniques Curricular Practice Experience - Visiting Shenzhen University Engineering Training Center

In the afternoon of March 2nd, 2017, in order to help students learn professional knowledge, broaden students' vision and innovate talents education mode, assistant professor Shaolin Xu of the course Precision Machining Techniques of MEE department lead the students to visit the engineering training center at Shenzhen University.
Professor Huaquan Wang from school of mechatronic and control engineering at Shenzhen University warmly welcomed the arrival of the professor and students and lead them to the Engineering Training Center. Professor Wang introduced the training center to the students. The center was built in 2006 and it consisted of advance manufacture technique practice lab, conventional machining practice lab, thermal machining practice lab, electronic technique practice lab, electrical practice lab. The total area was 800 square meters with practice equipments of 300 sets. He also introduced the grinding tool, lathe milling tool to the students and let them have a preliminary understanding of the mechanical machining equipments. Teacher Jinwen Chai, who was responsible for teaching the operation of lathe milling tools, demonstrated the lathe milling process of shaft parts. After the demonstration, students asked the teachers the questions they were highly interested in one after another. Teacher Junping Zhang who was in charge of milling work district introduced the difference between face milling cutting tool and end milling tools and demonstrate the operation of milling. Students asked many questions about the details and teacher Zhang spoke highly of students desire for knowledge.
Then, professor Wang lead students to the advance machining work shop and introduced 3D printing machines, electrical spark machining, digital machine tools, respectively. He also demonstrated the process of machining cams using digital machine tools and taught student a convenient method to indentify spiral drills and milling tools. Then, professor Wang lead students to the student innovation lab and the visiting students communicated with the students in the lab.
In the end, MEE professor and students gratefully thanked professor Wang for his reception. Students said this activity helped them learn a lot of things which cannot be learnt from the lectures and visualized the abstract knowledge on the book. They were looking forward to more activities like this. 

Translator: Xiaochuan Xiao