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Recruitment Introduction


1. To carry out postdoctoral related research work;
2. Other responsibilities required in this position.


1. An earned doctorate degree in mechanical manufacturing or relevant fields, with rich research experience in mechanical design and manufacturing in universities or institutes.
2. With a strong scientific research practice ability, hard-working and a well-equipped team spirit;
3. Good English writing and communication skills, capable of writing high-level English papers.


1.Having good advanced scientific research conditions, a strong academicatmosphere, high-quality co-tutor;
2.Offering minimum annual salary and benefits of 300000 RMB/year (including 180000 RMB/ year living allowance from Shenzhen government ), excellently performed post-doctoral are eligible to apply for the Principal Outstanding Postdoctoral with salary raising to 380000RMB/year.
3. Being qualified to apply for Postdoctoral Science Fund, the National Natural Science Fund and the provincial and municipal fund at all levels independently;
4.To stay in Shenzhen after leaving the station can apply for 100,000 RMB research funding;
5.In line with the city reserve level talent conditions can apply for the corresponding housing subsidies;
6.Overseas doctors that work in Shenzhen could apply for peacock plans 1.6-2million RMB housing subsidies, and have access to 3-5million RMB research funding.

How to apply

Please send CV and any other supporting materials to ligq@mail.sustc.edu.cn(Please clarify the applied position and research area in plain text) .
Contact us: 86-755-88018124,86-13528454968;
Please click http://mee.sustc.edu.cn/ for more information about MEE.