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Research Professor and Associate Professor

Recruitment Introduction

Research Professor and Associate Professor


1Research Area 

Intelligent Manufacturing (micro-nano manufacturing, additive manufacturing, intelligent equipment, numerical modeling simulation and cloud computing and so on), Smart Robot(rehabilitation robots, mini-robots, UAV intelligent control, underwater robots and so on), Innovative design.


1. Engaged in technological innovation research, responsible for Enabling technology research and development and industrialization of applied research;

2. Applying for, presiding national, local and corporate research projects;

3. Other responsibilities required in this position.


1.An earned doctorate degree in mechanical manufacturing,  with ≥5 years research experience in mechanical design and manufacturing-related area. Being capable of applying and presiding  national,  local and corporate research projects;

2. Excellent English writing and communication skills are required;

3. Being passionate in education, with good communication and strong team management capabilities.


1. The school provides an internationally competitive annual salary, a performance salary up to half the annual salary and some equity incentive of the new established company;

2. With reference to the relevant provisions of the benefits of Shenzhen, providing shelter, office conditions, laboratory space and first-class public experimental platform;

3. The applicants that meet the relevant conditions could apply for the corresponding talents plans.

How to apply

Please send CV and any other supporting materials to ligq@sustc.edu.cnPlease clarify the applied position and research area in plain text) .

Contact us: 86-755-8801812486-13528454968

Please click http://mee.sustc.edu.cn/ for more information about MEE.
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