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Associate Professor and Assistant Professor

Recruitment Introduction

Associate Professor and Assistant Professor

1Research Area

Intelligent Manufacturing (micro-nano manufacturing, additive manufacturing , intelligent equipment, numerical modeling simulation and cloud computing and so on), Smart Robot(rehabilitation robots, mini - robots, UAV intelligent control, underwater robots and so on), Innovative design.


1. Teach courses for undergraduates and postgraduates and offer elective courses, to instruct students to complete their graduation project and graduation thesis and to participate in student counseling work.

2. To be responsible for the construction of disciplines, scientific research, to preside
national and local major scientific research projects, to build research centers, key laboratories;

3. Other responsibilities required in this position.


1.  An earned doctorate degree in mechanical manufacturing,  with  research or teaching experience in mechanical design and manufacturing-related area,  with commitment to national and local  scientific research projects;

2. Excellent English writing and communication skills are required;

3. Being passionate in education, with good communication and strong team management capabilities.


1. The school provides internationally competitive annual salary, welfare, housing and adequate research funding, as well as the corresponding office conditions, ample experimental space and first-class public experimental platform;

2. The scholars from world-class universities/institutes that meet the relevant requirements will be supported by SUSTech to apply for the Youth Thousand Talents Program, National outstanding youth fund, Shenzhen "Peacock Plan" and other related talents programs. 

How to apply

Please send CV and any other supporting materials to ligq@sustc.edu.cnPlease clarify the applied position and research area in plain text) .

Contact us: 86-755-8801812486-13528454968

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