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​Qiang Zhu

Chair Professor

Research Direction:
metal advanced forming, additive manufacturing, failure analysis and fracture mechanics
​Qiang Zhu
Qiang Zhu, graduated from Universität Erlangen- Nürnberg majoring in material science and obtained a Dr.-Ing. Degree in 1994. He works as member of academic committee of General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals, editor of Rare Metals, executive committee of International Semi-Solid Processing Technology Committee, expert of High Quality Special Steel and High Temperature Alloy of ministry of science and technology, expert of Beijing Science and Technology Award and Evaluation, expert of Nonferrous Metal Association. Dr. Zhu has carried out research projects of China-France cooperation project, National Natural Science Foundation of Germany, National Natural Science Foundation key project of UK and the life improvement project of the impeller and turbine for the key components of Cummins global turbocharger. Dr. Zhu gave a number of invited speeches to internationally well-known academic conferences as well as universities and enterprises, published more than 160 articles in international journals and academic conferences, edited and published an academic book as well as 1 International invention patent and 34 Chinese invention patents.

◆ 1990-1994    University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany, Dr.-Ing. in Mat Sci.& Engn.
◆ 1982-1986    University of Science and Technology Beijing, Master in Mat Sci.& Engn.
◆ 1978-1982    University of Science and Technology Beijing, Bachelor in Mat Sci.& Engn.


◆ 2016-Present-Chair Professor, Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology, China
 2010-2016-----Chief Scientist, General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals, Beijing, China
 2003-2010-----Chief Material Engineer, Cummins Turbocharging Technologies Ltd, UK
 1997-2003-----Research Fellow, Director of Metallurgy Department, University of Sheffield, UK
 1996-1997-----Senior Associate Researcher, University of Cambridge, UK
 1995-1996-----Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Sheffield, UK
 1994-1995-----Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
 1989-1990-----Visiting Research Fellow, Ecole des Mine de Nancy, France
 1982-1989-----Head of Superalloys Laboratory, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

Awards & Honors:
◆  Distinguished Professor of "Pengcheng Scholar" of Shenzhen, 2018
◆ Outstanding Contribution Award of 15th International Conference on Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites, 2018
◆  "Peacock Plan" A Level Talents of Overseas High-level Talents of Shenzhen, 2017
◆  "Pilot Talents" of Nanshan district, Shenzhen, 2017.
◆  Key Scientific Article Award of Advances in Engineering, 2015
◆  International Die Casting Competition Award on Aluminum Die Casting/Squeeze/ Semi-Solid, presented by North American Casting Association, 2009
◆  Cummins Steve Power Award “Semi-Solid Moulding of Impellers”, 2006
◆  Cummins Steve Power Award “Resolution of HX82 Impeller Slinger Boss LCF”, 2004
◆  Excellent thesis award of China Metal  “Phase interface segregation of magnesium in a nickel-base superalloy”,1988

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