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Energy Engineering

Energy is a crucially important factor ensuring the solidification of national security and propensity of national economy. Dating back to the history of human beings, every innovation of energy technology brought a revolution in the industry. For example, the invention of gas turbine and internal combustion turbine. The emergence of fuel cell bounds to induce another wave of revolution, which transforms the fossil fuel era to hydrogen era and provide a solution radically dealing with the issues of energy security and environmental pollution. The energy engineering in the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) plays an important role in the field. Therefore, the major gold of our research focuses on the hydrogen and its application in fuel cell, as well as other relating forms of renewable energy, such as solar power, wind power, nuclear power and biomass, etc. Meanwhile, we endeavor to develop novel energy storage technology, distributed power generation, energy management and its conservation. Chair Prof.s Haijiang Wang and Hui Li are the leading scientists devoting the research of energy
engineering in SUSTech.
Figure 1  Fuel cell vehicle with zero pollution

Figure 2  Hydrogen station powered by solar

Figure 3  Electric power station supplied by highly efficient fuel cell