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Innovation design & Advanced manufacturing Intelligent manufacturing

 Intelligent manufacturing is one of the important project put forward in the “Thirteenth Fifth Plan” by our country, which is also a pivot goal proposed in “Made in China 2025”.  Intelligent manufacturing makes full use of the telecommunication, artificial intelligence, nanomaterial, big data and internet of things. The innovation is based on technique integration, which put the product design, manufacture, assembling, operation, maintenance into digitalization, intellectualization, interconnection. Eventually, the precision, efficiency and reliability of the assembling are improved, the cost of energy and raw material are reduced, the emission of carbon in manufacturing is decreased. Prof.s in the intelligent manufacture field in SUSTech are chair Prof. Yiming Rong, ccedemician Peigen Li, and associate Prof. Xuekun Li.

The main topics are listed as follows:
(1) Robot assembling and robot-numerical control machine
(2) Theory and methodology of design of high performance intelligent equipment
(3) Intelligent monitor and diagonalization of manufacturing process, as well as the implementation of industrial big data
(4) Precision/high-precision technology of tough materials

Major area of implementation:
Aerospace and aeronautical equipment, high precision component in high precision machine, key component of the dynamic system in vehicle, large scale and super large scale component of high precision machine, high efficiency processing of complex geometry.


High speed parallel robots; Shrunk model of largescale electric emission telescope with a diameter of 500 m; 9-wire robot with small gravitational simulation; Flying quality simulator; high motion flying simulator; 6 degree of freedom calibrator; dynamic over load system for seat; Industrial spray painting robot of Changqing No.1; Industrial spray painting robot of Changqing No.1; Tracking system of solar power focusing; Configurable parallel equipment for education; SMC35 five-axis processing center and S-shape cutting test Prototyping manufacturing
The prototyping manufacturing team in the department of mechanical and energy in SUSTech starts from theoretical modeling as the incision point, then steps into the breakthrough of prototyping manufacturing, cultivates high level excellent students, breaks the monopolization from the foreign countries, and put the transformation of “Made in China” into “Created in China”. Prof.s working on this field are chair Prof. Qiang Zhu and associate Prof. Gang Wang.

The detailed topics are:
1) Investigation of advanced prototyping theory
Multiphase mixed material prototyping
Metallic additive manufacturing (3D printing)
Metallic powder injection and prototyping

2) Innovation of advanced prototyping technology
Metallic semi-solid prototyping technology
3D printing of gradient prototyping technology
Metallic powder injection and prototyping technology

3) Numerical simulation technology
High throughput design of alloy and fast development
Numerical simulation of prototyping for special material
Multiscale prediction of structure and performance

4) Advanced prototyping manufacturing technology in engineering
The broad application of advanced prototyping manufacturing technology and its industrialization

1 Prototyping of multiphase and high viscosity material

2. Additive manufacturing (3D printing)
3. Metallic powder injection and prototyping (MIM©)

4 Computer aided engineering (CAE)  Precision processing

There are five topics in the precision processing. Chair Prof. Yongbo Wu, associate Prof. Dong Lu and assistance Prof. Shaolin Xu compose the team.

Topic 1: Ultrasonic wave aided high precision processing and equipment
(1) Ultrasonic wave aided cutting (Moving, milling, drilling and multi-axis interconnected numerical control)
(2) Ultrasonic wave aided rub (rub and cut, rub and milling, polishing, internal surface, even surface, curved surface and 3D microstructure)
(3) Ultrasonic wave aided inclined screw cutting of holes (fiber reinforced composite material)

Topic 2: Electric field/Ultrasonic wave combined processing and equipment
(1) Electric induced plastic effect (metallic material and non-metallic material)
(2) Ultrasonic wave aided electric induced plastic effect (metallic material and non-metallic material)

Topic 3: Magnetic field aided milling and polishing in high precision processing and equipment
(1) Precision component with high efficiency precision in nanoscale polish with varied magnetic field (metallic, ceramic, optical/semiconductor material)
(2) Key component prototyping with varied magnetic field (metallic, ceramic)
(3) Optical and electrical component polishing in nanoscale with varied magnetic field (optical glass and semiconductor material)

Topic 4: Temperature field aided high efficiency processing and equipment
(1) Laser heating aided cutting, milling and rubbing (metallic material)
(2) Plasma heating aided cutting, milling and rubbing (metallic material)
(3) Ultrasonic wave aided plasma electrons emission for cutting, milling and rubbing (metallic material)
(4) Microwave heating aided mechanical processing

Topic 5: Solid state chemical reaction and ultrasonic wave aided processing and equipment  
(1) Optical/semiconductor material processed with the aid of solid state chemical, mechanical at nanoscale (quartz glass, sapphire, single crystalline SiC, GaAs).