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Awareness practice of Mechanical Engineering (Kunshan - HIECISE intelligent manufacturing project records)

Section One: General cognition
This summer, our university has four students took part in one project of Department of machinery: Kunshan HIECISE intelligent manufacturing team. This project leaded by two seniors form Tsinghua university and devoted to develop a system to detect the power change of grinding process and defection of roller surface. The entire period of project would spend about 6~7 weeks.
July 6th at 3 pm, is the collection time agreed with the Tsinghua project team. We arrived at the Kunshan South Railway Station, together with the company's shuttle bus went to HIECISE company and had arrangements for lodging.
The next day, we students came early to HIECISE company, andmet the person in charge of the project: Li Xuekun who is a teacher of Tsinghua university.For thecognitive of project he taught us thehistoryand development of mechanic. So we have a basic understanding of the elements that are necessary for the fulfillment of the project: background, objectives, principles, methodology and Gantt chart. Then we had the safety training, and visited the company's equipment. The students were very excited to realize working process of various huge machines, meanwhile following projects were full of expectation.

Section Two:Life and entertainment
HIECISE company is located in Kunshan City industrial area, sosurroundingliving facilities is not good.But the company still tried to arranged us good accommodation: double room + AC + TV. In this regard, the students were very satisfied. Fly in the ointment is that residential areas does not have access to the network.That was adapt soon. Diet, HIECISE company provides free meals for usevery day, but only with poor quality. Every day we returned to accommodation area with team up to buy food. After all, young people have a growth, more eating is good.
As for weekend, the entertainment is natural, so... The team in Shanghai!

In addition, the company also held a exercise games, one of our members NingbinMao participated in the basketball team and got win!
Section Three:Work part
After Mr.Li Xuekun training, we understand the project process and accordingly formulate corresponding plans. But due to our basic knowledge is quite poor, only with the seniors’ patience help and constantly instruction, we learn new theory and accordingly find the solution for the problem, which for us is a great challenge. However, in our unremitting efforts, a little bit of a problem was solved. Wewere full of sense of achievement.
The following figure is our testing equipment

Testing process, the screen shows the waveform to be processed.

 carefully check the line

There is a word not just racing Tanglangshan cheshen...

Section Four, Conclusion
The internship program, enable us to have more profound experience machinery, engineering, manufacturing intelligence and exercise the ability of our team members. At the same time, we learned a lot of new knowledge (wavelet transform and etc). We feel the huge difference between the theory and application. Having deep understanding is the precondition of the application.This alsohave guiding significance to for our future study.
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Chen Lin, Lin Lin, Zhang Xiaoyu
Yang Jun, Lin Minghui, Mao Ningbin
Rong Yi Ming, Li Xuekun