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Awareness practice of Mechanical Engineering (Tsinghua University Metal Materials Processing and Scientific Research Team)

In July 2nd, 2016, we came to the famous university – Tsinghua University to start our one-month summer internship.                          

The summer internship is aimed at improving our skills about the transformation and expansion of the theory, the ability to apply knowledge to solve the problems and also the skills to communicate with teammate.
Upon meeting each other at THU, we started our work. After knowing what we have learned, a senior at the project group gave us a task to make a movable platform that can move in three directions, and then we can add other functions. We designed our own structure after learning the sample of the senior. Then we bought the material, assembled few parts and connected circuits and electronic components. Now we have basically achieved the goal, so we are planning to add some functions. For example, add a laser transmitter. Then we can try laser engraving. The following pictures are our current results.