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Awareness practice of Mechanical Engineering (Tsinghua University - the University of Notre Dame engineering Practice Project GE-VR Group)

We have arrived at the beautiful Tsinghua University for nearly one month.
GE-VR group consists of six people, who are two juniors from Tsinghua University ,two sophomores from University of Notre Dame in US and two freshmen from SUSTC. Our mission is to create some ideas about how to apply the popular VR technology into medical treatment. General electric company offers us the VR machine, computer and dicom files. Now we can transform from 2D MRI scans to 3D images, watch and debug them with VR machine. This program show us how powerful the VR can combine with medical treatment, which will result in the development of VR technology and the more accurate, individual medical treatment.
In the project, we have broadened our horizon and realized the importance of English and programming languages.With Tsinghua university, the university of Notre Dame students work and study together,we can learn more about the world outside SUSTC.
Thanks for the off-campus learning opportunities provided by mechanical and energy engineering.
Every journey has its unique gorgeous view.Suddenly this summer, the green outside the car and the talk inside the car,are both our most memorable encounter.
——By Bolin He, Chang Deng