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Awareness practice of Mechanical Engineering GE-X-ray Group of Tsinghua University & the University of Notre Dame engineering Practice Project)

Being in a strange city, an unfamiliar college, meeting with new people. But I never felt that we were passersby. 

It has been a month and a half since we arrive here, in Tsinghua. Definitely it is a worthy trip and a precious experience. In this project, we gained a lot. I think the most two important thing of them are that how to deal with things in a professional way and how to communicate with others including talking with foreign students and professors.

Though we, as grade one students, lack of many knowledge of mechanic, but there was something driving us to follow the steps of the senior students. In this process, we learnt much faster than we do in class. From problems to ideas, then came up with prototypes, at last prototypes came to be reality. Of course, there were some expected and unexpected problems and challenges that we had to face. But the power of unity is beyond our imagination. An efficient teamwork was really helpful. In this project, what impressed me a lot is that a mighty leadership might be more important than an absolute fairness for a team. Each single person should have his own position and try his best. It taught us how to solve a real world problem in a professional way.  Another thing we learnt was that give up in a right time. No one can handle everything in the world for limited by the time and vigor. Sometimes giving up means finding a new way.

At last, I have two suggestions. One is for people who are planning to be engineers. My experience told me that mastering two or more programming language and some common software is very helpful. Because many problems finally turn out to be programming works and using software. The other one is for everyone. English is becoming a basic skill in future life. So pay attention in your English class.

In the project, except work, we also made a lot of friends of Tsinghua and Notre Dame. In our spare time, we would like to travel around Beijing and play basketball together. All of us enjoyed this leisure time. Sometime I am wondering that whether meeting with these kind people is more important than the project itself.

This summer is destined to be an unforgivable time of my college life.
——By Jindong Yuan, Jiafeng Dong