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Awareness practice of Mechanical Engineering (Tsinghua University - the University of Notre Dame engineering Practice Project Timken Group)

At the very beginning of this project, we two were both a little stiff, and are not familiar with the contents of the Timken project and the knowledge required. But senior students-in-learning from Tsinghua and University of Notre Dame were very enthusiastic. They led us to learn the required knowledge of this project, and together we read about bearing monitoring documents and papers, and have been doing academic research in English. During our visit the Timken Wuxi factory, we learned more about wind turbine and bearing, and felt the charm of the industrial production and machinery. In the beginning, we just hold the attitude of learning, hoping to learn some knowledge of industrial process from this project, and to feel the academic atmosphere in Tsinghua. But slowly, we are really involved in the project, gradually integrated into our team. In less than a month's time, we will seize the time, and strive for making some meaningful results together.
——By Chunchu Zhu, Shixiang Yu